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Inktober 2016

[thumb:img_1.jpg] Broken, or the Anger Problem. Black ink, water

[thumb:img_2.jpg] Transport, or the Elf Queen. Black ink, water

[thumb:img_3.jpg] Scared, or Wingardium Leviosa. Black + burnt umber ink

[thumb:img_4.jpg] Relaxed, or Furry Little Monster. Black + burnt umber

[thumb:img_6.jpg] Battle, or Acorn vs Chestnut. Black + burnt umber

[thumb:img_5.jpg] Flight, or You'll Never Learn If You Don't Try

[thumb:img_7.jpg] Big, or The Explorers ("Why did you say this place was full of huge snakes?")

[thumb:img_8.jpg] Slow, or I Should Have Bought a Car

[thumb:img_9.jpg] Tired, or Little Nap

[thumb:img_10.jpg] Creepy, or Sea Monster

[thumb:img_11.jpg] Surprise, or Three Little Pigs In Trouble

[thumb:img_12.jpg] Friends, or Tree House