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Caterpillar In Ink and Watercolor

[img] Lazy afternoon of the famous caterpillar, the one who lives in Wonderland. At the moment he's under the mashroom, Alice is nowhere close and the caterpillar doesn't have to play his role yet. Rough sketch of this illustration was made with watercolor pencils; later the lines will vanish almost completely, there's no need to erase them. The next steps are shown below.

[img] The most important shapes were redrawn (and some of them, filled) with ink. Two inks were used here, blue and umbra.

[img] The background had been wetted with clean water and then the darkest parts were painted with the same two inks. I tried to omit the mashroom and smoke puff areas, as far as I could.

[img] The first layer of watercolor was added. The paint was almost transparent, just to add a bit of color.

[img] And finally the caterpillar and foreground leaves were filled with much thicker paint. A few blades of grass were added behind the mashroom, and opaque white ink was used to make a few tiny details brighter.