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Seven Little Dragons Coloring Book


"Seven Magic Dragons present the ABC's of Virtue" is a coloring book, where children and their little dragon friends present many important virtues and all letters of alphabet.

Sample illustrations:

[thumb:img_10.jpg] [thumb:img_11.jpg] [thumb:img_12.jpg] [thumb:img_13.jpg] [thumb:img_14.jpg] [thumb:img_15.jpg] [thumb:img_16.jpg] [thumb:img_17.jpg] [thumb:img_18.jpg] [thumb:img_19.jpg] [thumb:img_20.jpg] [thumb:img_21.jpg] [thumb:img_22.jpg] [thumb:img_23.jpg] [thumb:img_24.jpg] [thumb:img_25.jpg] [thumb:img_26.jpg] [thumb:img_27.jpg] [thumb:img_28.jpg] [thumb:img_29.jpg]