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Drawing an Elf on Gray Paper

Colored papers are great for ink drawings, as long as you own a white ink to add some lights. This elf, comforting a caterpillar (don't worry, you'll be a butterfly...) is drawn on a gray cardboard, because I've planned a green and blue scene, full of leaves.

My reference image comes from mjranum-stock collection on DA (thanks!). I have also gathered several leaves in the garden (Fig. 1, below) . My starting point is always the face, because it's most challenging part (Fig. 2). After redrawing my rough pencil sketch with a pen (Fig. 3) I've painted deepest shadows with a blue ink, using a brush (Fig. 4). Then I've added green and white ink (Fig. 5). Last step is adding more colors with a pastel pencils and crayons (Fig. 6). Now it's ready!