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Random Ideas

Ideas like iPixie (SMS sender, blogger and forum user, it's him who writes all this stuff!) or walk machine for old lady. To be continued, perhaps. Or not.

[thumb:img_4.jpg] iPixie

[thumb:img_2.jpg] Walk Machine

[thumb:img_3.jpg] Will this work?

[thumb:img_1.jpg] Peacemaker

[thumb:img_7.jpg] Cricket

[thumb:img_10.jpg] Bookworm

[thumb:img_9.jpg] Pool party in a bathtub

[thumb:img_5.jpg] Mundial

[thumb:img_6.jpg] The Real End of the World

[thumb:img_8.jpg] Water-goblin

[thumb:img_11.jpg] Moon Influence

[thumb:img_12.jpg] Bacteria

[thumb:img_13.jpg] "Mom, Dad? I think there will be no dinner..."

[thumb:img_14.jpg] Lady Spring

[thumb:img_15.jpg] Help!

[thumb:img_16.jpg] Witchcraft For Beginners

[thumb:img_17.jpg] Ectoplasm Family

[thumb:img_20.jpg] You're The Brightest Fish of All

[thumb:img_21.jpg] Instinct Wakes Up

[thumb:img_18.jpg] Nobody's Going to Belive

[thumb:img_19.jpg] Jimmy Page for MichaƂ, who is a guitar player too

[thumb:img_24.jpg] Bad Day

[thumb:img_22.jpg] Everybody's Coming Home

[thumb:img_23.jpg] Color Wheel